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Granite Countertop Website System.

You have arrived at the source for instant marketability for your fabrication shop or kitchen store. Our focus for this system is to help you to sell countertops and cabinets. Your current website may be too broad for all the products and services that you offer or it may simply be constructed poorly.

We have a full serivce approach to developing website for you. The system is the based archetecture that we put your brand on. Every aspect of the website is customizable. We find that the doit yourself model can really only take you just so far and a website that is not managed updated and reflecting your current work and promotions is really not worth having.

When you sign up for our sytem we have consulting and content changes built into the pricing structure. No more will your website be left out to dry.

Austin Grantie Web site

We brought this group in with our marketin service and showed them the power of a well constructed website and the effect is can have on a small business when marketed correctly. From this they wanted to reformat their existing website and our system plugged right in!

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The System includes:

This website is pre-optimized as far as formatting for the SERP's (Search Engine Results Page) to index you well. The key here is also to work with the content that you supply to focus on keywords that will bring you the right customer.

Additional Granite Sales Services Available:

and Much More!!



Color Search

Use the granite color search to search 1000's of colors, view these colors in our kitchen designer to compair your cabinet, walls and backsplashes to your countertop selection

Granite Website System - Countertop Website Design

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