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With our color selector and virtual kitchen designer you are sure to find the right stone for you. Calculate the require square footage for your project with our Instant Countertop Estimator. We look forward to servicing your kitchen and bathroom renovation needs.

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Virtual Stone Kitchen Designer

Design Your Kitchen

to design your kitchen can be a daunting task. If you can seek the help of a professional this is a great option because they should be able to interpret your needs and your style and suggest a direction for you. When budgets do not permit this then we can help you get closer by comparing stone colors to other colors in the space with our kitchen designer. This will help you to compare your walls cabinets and appliances to the stones that you like. Don't ever forget that its your kitchen and you should have what you like.

Granite Kitchen Designer

Instant Countertop Estimator

Instant Countertop Estimate

Price may varies based on many factors. The estimator enables you to take measurements of your countertop and input them into the system to get to. We have created and instant countertop estimator that has made some assumptions and does its best job to give you parameters to build a farly accurate estimate based on national pricing trends. Price is a very important part of the purchase process and when you have an idea of the price for the products and services that you will be receiving you will have a pretty good idea of where you will net out on your countertop purchase.

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 Stone Color Search

Stone Color Selector

Stone color selection is an important step in the renovation process. You can save alot time looking at slabs by making some design descisions early on in the process. The Stone Color Selector has over 1000+ stones for your to select from. You can view each stone in our kitchen designer as well as save your stone selections to your social network or to your email with ease.

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Why Granite?

Granite is one of the strongest surface materials that can be used for countertops in the market today. Many competing products try to make claims that they are better but nothing truely compairs. The strength of the stone itself can very based on where in the world the granite is mined and variables associated to the process that created it. Granite Countertops can not be man made. It is not glued together with fancy words like polymers. It is farmed from the earth and shipped from all over the world to . The pressure from the creation of the earth is what creates the countertops that we put in our homes and no two stones are alike. This adds to the mystic of having granite is that you have something that nobody else has. The cost of granite changes based on many factors but primarily its location and the amount of the stone available are the two main driving factors. The most common and available a stone is the less it will cost. The more unique a stone is, the harder it is to mine and import will increase the costs.

Please feel free to use these tools to plan and estimate your project.
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